1. Educational programmes
We conduct a series of training programmes for dental surgeons in the various aspects of clinical dentistry and oral implantology, including hands-on sessions and live patient demonstration.
2. Endowments
Having academically excellent trainees in mind. IICD announces the Best post graduate student award for every year in all specialities of dentistry and implantology.
3. Awareness programmes
Healthy mouth, Healthy, body and Healthy mind.... The basic rights of every individual in our society. Taking this responsibility into account, IICD conducts seminars and motivational talks in association with socially committed organizations
4. School Dental Education and Screening Camps.
Good habits and manners are learned and taught in schools at the right age. Dental education is not an exception. In association with Schools and Dental care providers, IICD conducts School Dental Education and Screening Camps.
5. Training programmes for Non-Dental Health care providers.
IICD has taken up the role of bridging the gap between Dentists and Non-Dental Health care providers (especially Pediatricians), as there is a great importance of involving dental consultations for different age groups and in the management of various medical diseases.
6. Dental care for Disabled